Thomas H. Quinn

IN MEMORIAM — 1947–2016

Tom Quinn served as a partner of The Jordan Company for 28 years before retiring in 2015. During Tom’s tenure at the firm, he established the firm’s Operations Management Group in 1988 and he continued to lead that group until his retirement. In addition to his role with the Operations Management Group, Tom was a member of the Investment Committee and the Management Committee and served on many portfolio company boards.

Tom’s legacy of hard work, integrity, investor-friendly focus and his dedication to the success of the firm continues to influence the culture at The Jordan Company today and will long into the future. He was a great partner and a generous supporter of multiple causes. Tom took an interest in all colleagues at the firm and because of that has influenced us all in many ways. Tom’s love for life and his passion for success will be missed, but his spirit remains in our culture.

Thomas H. Quinn Portrait